"I don't where I'd be without it"

"I'm a science and medicine guy so I'll admit I was very skeptical of reiki.  I also love my wife so I agreed to allow her to practice on me while she was getting certified.  As someone who has been battling PTSD and anxiety I can honestly say I don't know where I'd be without it in my life.  Now I can't get enough of it!"

-Dave D. (Columbus, OH)

Pregnancy Reiki

"Melissa’s compassion and comforting energy shines through her Reiki. She gave me relief physically and emotionally from severe sickness during my pregnancy. Her drive and ability to help people is a real gift."

- Nicole R. (Columbus, OH)

Anxiety Relief

Melissa Dickens was able to alleviate anxiety I was feeling prior to a trip easily in one session. She made me feel relaxed and calm. She has also completed distance Reiki on my friends successfully knowing nothing about them. Melissa has a true gift in Reiki. 

- Jacque T (Columbus, OH)

Pain Relief

Melissa’s work with Reiki is top notch. I have had Reiki done by a few other people previous to meeting her. Not only did she quickly become a really good friend but help release both emotional and physical pain that I am not even sure I was fully aware of at the time. Together we worked through some of the tough stuff while feeling relaxed and open to growth.

- Jamie R (Columbus, OH)