Our mission is to provide Reiki, a holistic Japanese deep relaxation treatment that involves healing with a universal energy and a non-invasive touch of the hands on the body, to all that could benefit from it and may not have the means to afford it. The mission is not only to provide alternatives to conventional healing with Reiki but to provide a safe environment where members can receive education and an opportunity to learn methods to balance the body and heal on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well as to promote self-healing techniques.  All services provided by Healing Hearts are donation based which fund treatments and education to cancer and chronic illness patients.

Mission Statement

Healing Hearts is a safe place and a community where the focus is to heal to restore one’s well being, empower the educate on alternatives to conventional treatment and promote alternative the Reiki healing medallion among the community to those whom can not afford such a service. 

Empowering individuals in the achievement of health, balance and harmonious living through the application of holistic practices.


Healing Hearts integrates the practice of Reiki into health care systems, community-based organizations and emergency management services; and fosters a caring and supportive wellness community.

· Provide Reiki sessions, training and outreach programs to educate on the power of the mind and one’s relationship with that power

· Serve as a bridge between complementary healing and the medical and first responder community as well as the local community

· Empower and educate patients that are suffering 

· Help the community and all members, including animals, heal 

· Raise Awareness and understanding of Reiki and how it can be used 

· Offer support and networking for Reiki practitioners 

· Providing a mediation space and a community

Healing Hearts operates as a professional and safe practice and educational forum, providing Reiki energy treatments, informative workshops, hands-on practice, conscious living classes for self-awareness and life improvement, certificate instructional Reiki training, Reiki groups, spiritual coaching and support.

Our primary goal is to educate and inspire optimal life fulfillment and fundamentally transform lives in which individuals consciously utilize and tune to their inborn abilities to heal and live in balance.


· To be a safe place for people to ask and grow 

· To empower someone with the ideology that they are in control

· To promote self-love and self-healing

· To form a supportive community that genuinely what to help people and be helped

· To be vulnerable and allow for new opportunities to come 

· To uplift and support and honor each individual